It's TIME for havIng AN unforget-table SMILE

Have a dental problem but are you constantly delay? Are you thinking about how to cover the fee of treatment? No more concerns! Have an unbelievable dental experience with Vividenta on your holiday.

Istanbul. One of the best and oldest Metropolis in the World. It’s a historical and affordable place for High Quality Dental Care. Vividenta offers you best  ambiance and treatment in Bagdat Avenue which is most popular and luxurious street of Istanbul.


Treatments performed with a discount of up to 70% compared to the European fares. Don't pay over prices for your teeth. Take a break. Have a vocation and treatment at the same time with a less price.


The Turkish health system and especially dentistry offers a high level of quality, professionalism, effectiveness and guarantees. Especially at Bagdat Street, dentists are best performers.


With the classic ambiance of Istanbul, have a tour and get a chance to see Bosphorus, Golden Horn, Bagdat Avenue and much more.

Get a Free Consultation in your City


Don’t pay for dental consultation. Our dentists are ready for  free consultation virtually. With Vividenta™ Virtual Appointment system you can send us your X-Ray film or teeth photos, and our dentists will build up a treatment plan just for you.  



You can think of a porcelain veneer a lot like a contact lens, but for your teeth! Porcelain veneers are extremely thin (0.3mm, about the thickness of a business card) sheets of porcelain that are bonded to the front of your tooth. Porcelain is the material of choice because it most naturally replicates human enamel. They are used to change the shape, color, size, and symmetry of the teeth and smile. In Vividenta, we use veneers to design your best smile. 


The implant is designed to function as the root of a tooth, meaning it is placed entirely in the jaw bone, just as your tooth’s natural root is.  

At Vividenta, we use the best implant brands in the world to replace your missing teeth and prevent your jawbone from melting.


All-on-4 is a treatment modality in patients without any teeth to eliminate the need for further surgery due to sinus lift, bone insertion and bone insufficiency. Temporary fixed prosthesis can be applied to our patients on the same day. The All-on-Four application provides both time and comfort.

What Our customers say

I've traveled twice to Istanbul for veneers through Vividenta. They even impressed my dentist in UK. Especially, I would like to thank Mr. Dal for offering this quality with a warm welcome.

Lizzie T. 32, London

I was introduced to Vividenta many years ago. I see a huge benefit with their combination of sympathy and treatment style. I' owe my smile to Vividenta. Hello from Confoederatio Helvetica!

Emma V. 29, Zurich


Compare our fares with UK fares.

In unıted kıngdom

Average Prices

All on Four








Root Canal


IN Turkey

Average Prices

All On Four








Root Canal


How much will you save your expenses?

All On Four








Root Canal


One of the must visit destination around the World:Istanbul

2010 European Capital of Culture. According to Instagram travelers, it is the city that must visited once in your lifetime. 

Partly in Europe and partly in Asia, Istanbul is an exciting blend of cultures where East meets West. There’s so much history here it is almost unmissable and should certainly be on your agenda. While having dental experience, you can also  benefit being in Istanbul and enjoying your life break.

Meet with Vividenta™

Vividenta is a smile workshop where we act with empathy with our patients and make decisions as if we were on treatment chair. We have transformed our clients dental experience into a relaxing and pampering wellness visit.

Our permanent aim is to provide the highest quality care, unprecedented comfort and the most painless service. We are committed to providing the best result for you. Basically we are designing your perfect smile.

What We OfferIng?

  • Free Consultation

  • Free Transfers From Hotel Airport and Clinic

  • Free 3D Panoramic X-Ray

  • The Best Dental Treatment Experience

  • Guarantee for dental restorations

  • All Queries Answered Before the Treatment

  • Advice and help for Flight and Hotel

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